Uncertainty! Planning for the future when there may be no future? How do you deal with it?
Ten stories of faith in the midst of uncertainty.
Episodes highlight the experiences of a migrant escaping poverty, a couple who desperately want a child, a man facing a life sentence for murder, and a woman working through the issues of terminal illness. In other episodes, we face the challenge of rural farming, or a life confined by disability. What happens when your family can no longer care for you?

While the subject is uncertainty, and while the programs are not simplistic in providing trite answers, the aim of the series is hope.
The ‘Uncertainty Project’ is a network initiative of GAiN Europe

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  • Uncertainty - the movie

    A film about fears, life decisions, and faith.

  • Uncertainty - episode 1

    In life there are no guarantees. But for those who believe, there are no roads walked alone.

  • Uncertainty - episode 2

    Katrin and Andre dearly want to start a family of their own. But things aren’t working out. Where is God going to take them? Jenny was recently diagnosed with a terminal cancer.

  • Uncertainty - episode 3

    She lost her job. He lost mobility in his legs.
    Rachelle (Beirut, Lebanon) is unemployed and has no way to pay her bills and expenses. One in four Lebanese is unemployed. Her future is uncertain...
    Martin (Lima, Peru) surprisingly contracted a rare disease: The Guillain-Barre syndrome. In less th...

  • Uncertainty - episode 4

    Eva (Cali, Colombia) fled her country to start a new life from scratch.
    Azim (Grigorjewka, Kyrgyzstan) has lived always in the same place, far from all civilization.
    Two different stories. Two different cultures
    The same reality: Uncertainty.
    How to deal with uncertainty?

  • Uncertainty - episode 5

    Joyce and Silviu face a future that has no guarantees. With two different stories, from two different places, they share the same uncertain reality. Will anything change for them?

  • Uncertainty - Short Film

    Jessica knows she is going to die. However, that certainty motivates her to make a radical change in her life. That change transforms Jessica's life and she begins to believe that she can be saved. Bob, her counselor, begins to doubt the true reasons for her change.


    2020 was surely not the year we all expected. A year full of misfortunes, doubts and fears. A year full of uncertainties.
    What if uncertainty is the best school to strengthen our faith?
    Four young people from the United States reflect deeply on the events of 2020 and share their experiences and