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  • Radim'D

    “Radim’d” is a film you won’t forget: it grows more important each time you see it. A loose-living, would-be football star growing up in Communist-dominated Czechoslovakia becomes one of the most influential businessmen in Central Europe. Penniless at age 24, he swept the streets of Prague. To...

  • Expect Trouble to Break Out

    Voice of Prophecy speaker Shawn Boonstra talks with Bill Knott about how Coronavirus has reshaped one of the largest Adventist evangelistic efforts in North America.

  • Act of God

    What makes a natural disaster an “act of God?” Is God the one behind the typhoons, the locust plagues—and this mysterious virus now afflicting the whole world? Join Bill Knott, editor of Adventist Review and Adventist World for a clear, compelling study of how Christians ought to think about a wo...

  • Evacuation Time

    In this new Reflections of Hope episode, we take a look at another simple and sobering spiritual lesson from our house fire. In these final moments of earth's history, Jesus is pounding at the door of our hearts. He's trying to wake us up from our spiritual sleepiness. He is pleading with us to g...

  • Toilet Paper Rush of 2020

    The greatest charge Jesus gave to us was for us to love one another, not horde necessary supplies. How can we be like Jesus in this difficult moment of time?

  • Pivot Points: Safe and Sound

    Medical experts unpack facts and myths about COVID-19 and shed light on the relationship between faith and accountability in the face of a pandemic.

  • The Creation Case - Cosmology

    The Universe is a big place, but is there any evidence out there that helps us understand if it was all formed by a Big Bang, or by a Creator? Rich has his assignment from Headquarters, but how is he going to investigate the cosmos in order to uncover evidence that could help us understand how it...

  • The Creation Case - Volcano

    An explosive question has arrived to HQ. Rich’s assignment is to investigate and visit some volcanoes to see if they provide evidence for Creation. Along the way Rich will have to be very careful because visiting a volcano can be explosive! Gear up and join him!

  • Pivot Points: Sane and Sound

    Anxiety, loneliness and depression may be some of the very real mental health effects of living in the midst of a pandemic. Three experts discuss these and other effects and how to address them, while helping others.

  • Creation's Chorus - Maldives

    The Maldives are quite possibly one of the most beautiful places on earth. You don’t need to wait for international travel to resume as normal to take a peek. It’s here in this week’s gorgeous installment of Creation’s Chorus. Just click and enjoy!

  • Pivot Points: Saved and Sound

    Four theologians discuss questions about the relationship of COVID-19 and theology. Did God Send COVID-19 and is it meant only for unbelievers? Should governments be able to close churches? Is this one of Revelation's plagues?