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  • The Past With a Future - A Layman's Dream

    Want to know more about the Adventist Village in Battle Creek? What about the fascinating stories of the Adventist pioneers during the early phase of the Advent movement? Join historian Jim Nix and listen to his mesmerizing storytelling.

  • Immortal Soul

    Do you have an immortal soul? Most religions tell you YES. Are they right? Where did the idea of the immortal soul originate? What does the Bible say about it? In this brief video, Dwight Nelson gives you some quick, straightforward answers. Download a transcript at this link: https://www.lltprod...


    Famed astronomer Carl Sagan left a sentiment about our world that is felt by millions today: that it has no meaning and no purpose. Historical events challenge this belief when king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, the greatest empire in history, asked Daniel, a slave, to interpret a dream. The king’s ...

  • Creation's Chorus - Waves

    Who doesn’t love playing in the waves at the beach? While beautiful and sometimes dangerous, waves are nonetheless fascinating to watch.

  • Radiance Acapella - Ring ring

    Our Christian journey can be difficult and sometimes we may feel like God is far from us and not willing to answer. This classic acapella song reminds us that Christ in heaven is always willing and ready to listen to us when we call him. Enjoy Radiance Acapella!

  • The Conflict

    A 10-part series exploring the grand themes of the book of Revelation.

  • Uncertainty - episode 4

    Eva (Cali, Colombia) fled her country to start a new life from scratch.
    Azim (Grigorjewka, Kyrgyzstan) has lived always in the same place, far from all civilization.
    Two different stories. Two different cultures
    The same reality: Uncertainty.
    How to deal with uncertainty?

  • Creation's Chorus - Japan

    Japan is a fascinating country where natural beauty and culture combine harmoniously.