The Past With a Future

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  • The Past With a Future - A Layman's Dream

    Want to know more about the Adventist Village in Battle Creek? What about the fascinating stories of the Adventist pioneers during the early phase of the Advent movement? Join historian Jim Nix and listen to his mesmerizing storytelling.

  • The Past with a Future - Designing the Master Plan

    Historian Jim Nix shares the stories and development facts about the Historic Adventist Village in Battle Creek, Michigan.

  • The Past With a Future - Curating the Village

    Take a look at what all goes into creating and nurturing a piece of living history for the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

  • The Past With a Future - William J Hardy

    Achieving several historical firsts is nothing short of newsworthy. Such is the legacy of the William J. Hardy family of Michigan, they're amongst Adventism’s first African-American church members.

  • The Past With a Future - David Hewitt Exhibit

    Known as the “most honest man in town,” David Hewitt (1805-1878) was the first convert of Adventist pioneer Joseph Bates in Battle Creek, he was also the person who first proposed the name “Seventh-day Adventist” during a meeting held on October 1, 1860.

  • The Past With a Future - Meeting House and Churches

    Join Historian Jim Nix as he shares the stories of the meeting houses and churches in Battle Creek from the time of the Adventist Pioneers to present times.

  • The Past With a Future - The School House

    Education has been a core value of the Adventist movement from its beginnings. Take a look at this treasured piece of Adventist history.

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  • The Past With a Future - James and Ellen White House

    Enjoy a visit to the Battle Creek's home of James and Ellen White—an important place for anyone interested in Adventist history. If you would like to know more, please follow this link:

  • The Past With a Future - John and Betsey White

    Meet Deacon John, Sunday keeping deacon for over 40 years accepted the Sabbath after long study with their children James and Ellen White.

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  • The Past With a Future - John Daigneau

    Enjoy another interesting video in our Adventist Historic Village series on John Daigneau, the man who facilitated the connection between those in Battle Creek and Europe. Read an article about how it all started by clicking the link:

  • The Past With a Future - The Impact of Health Reform

    Where would we be now if not for the important messages we received on health reform?

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  • The Past With a Future - Tent Evangelism and Black Squirrels

    Tent evangelism and black squirrels? Watch this fun episode in the early history of the Adventist movement.