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The Creation Case - The Flood

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The Creation Case - Cosmology


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  • The Creation Case - The Flood

    The Bible in Genesis describes a global flood that covered the earth. Some people believe that story is a myth. Headquarters has given Rich his new assignment: Is there evidence on our planet that supports the Biblical story of the Flood? Follow Rich as he discovers the truth behind this question!

  • The Creation Case - Dinosaurs

    Dinosaurs are popular in today’s culture, but a question has arrived to Headquarters asking a very important question: When did they live, millions of years ago or recently? Get down in the dirt with Rich as he literally uncovers evidence to help answer these questions!

  • Creation Case - Botany

    Did you know that there are trees that are thousands of years old and hundreds of feet high? Well, Rich is exploring plants in this episode and he will take you to California where you will see these trees. We will also learn about rainforests and how plants today look similar to the plants that ...