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Watch this video and more on Adventist Review TV

Creation Case - Mountains


Up Next in Season 1

  • Creation Case - New or Old?

    Have you ever heard that things like rocks and animals are millions of years old? Well in this episode Doc and Rich will investigate this matter and show you that the things that we see today are not the products of millions of years of small changes but the work of an intelligent designer.

  • Creation Case - Oceans

    Join Rich as he travels to the Pacific Ocean and teaches us about the oceans that we know today and about the oceans that existed a long time ago. Doc will also teach us about math and the Fibonacci sequence and where they appear in nature.

  • Creation Case - Fossils

    This episode is all about fossils. Help Rich as he digs for fossils and tries to find clues to help him prove creation. Watch as Doc teaches us about the lack of transitional fossils. At the end of this episode you will be convinced that there is no explanation other than a loving and caring God ...