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Creation Case - Ice Age

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Creation Case - Botany


Up Next in Season 1

  • Creation Case - Ice Age

    Rich is heading to Grand Teton national park where he is going to be doing research on the ice age. We’re going to see huge glaciers and discuss if and when ice ages existed. Doc will show us pictures of Wooly Mammoths and talk about why they’re not around anymore.

  • Creation Case - Geologic Column

    In this episode, Doc is excited about a new email question. Can Rich prove evolution wrong and show us how the Geologic column can actually be used to help prove creation. Join Rich as he travels south to the Grand Canyon and shows us the geologic column.

  • Creation Case - Fossil Fuels

    Follow Rich as he teaches us about fossil fuels. What they are, how they were made, and where do we get them from are all questions that you will learn the answer to in this episode. Watch as we travel to a coal mine and discover how fossil fuels are harvested.