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    8 videos

    Discover the stories of ordinary people on their quest to find the meaning of life and the defining moments that changed the course of their journey.

  • Ranela: Answered

    Have you ever prayed and prayed and prayed for a family member? And it just didn't seem like the prayer would ever be answered. Ranela prayed for years for an uncle. Be encouraged by how the Lord answered.

  • Cindy: Answered

    Does God hear our prayers? Meet Cindy and hear her testimony of how her prayer was answered immediately, possibly by angels, but definitely by God.

  • Heidi: Answered

    Praying for someone to have a more genuine connection with God may seem fleeting to some. But Heidi prayed for a few young people that they would have such an experience. Hear how her prayer was answered.

  • Tricia: Answered

    Tricia prayed for her baby Anthony. Hear how the hand of God moved.

  • Karla: Answered

    Karla had her prayers answered when her US visa was about to expire and she had to leave the country. Hear her beautiful story of God's goodness.