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Shorts 12 - Brothers in a Barn

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Shorts 11 - Tell the World - The Great Disappointment

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  • Shorts 12 - Brothers in a Barn

    People mock the grieving Millerites. Some give up on God, others pray for an explanation for their great disappointment. Hiram Edson and his brother Owen determine to encourage the brethren.

  • Shorts 13 - 1844: Right Date - Wrong ...

    Hiram Edson leads an effort to pray for guidance. Those disillusioned by the Great Disappointment reject him. Hiram suggests that the date October 22, 1844 was right, but that the sanctuary that was cleansed is in heaven. He believes Jesus now intercedes for us before the Father.

  • Shorts 14 - The Midnight Cry

    Ellen Harmon has a vision during family prayers in which she is taken high above the earth. She sees the Advent people walking toward the Heavenly City on a narrow path. She says there was a light behind the believers called the Midnight Cry signifying Miller's message. As long as the band kept t...