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Shorts 10 - Joseph Bates - Faith Like Flour

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Shorts 09 - Joseph Bates - Sea Captain Turned Preacher


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  • Shorts 10 - Joseph Bates - Faith Like...

    The Bates are so poor they can barely buy flour to bake bread or eat. They are desperate, having lost friends, family and possessions to the cause. Joseph is so broke he cannot pay the fee for a letter addressed to him. A postman takes pity on him and waives it to reveal a happy surprise.

  • Shorts 11 - Tell the World - The Grea...

    William Miller is convinced that Jesus will come on October 22, 1844 and lends his voice to preaching the message. Thousands await Jesus' Second Coming on October 22 but the clock strikes midnight uneventfully. Bitter disappointment ensues.

  • Shorts 12 - Brothers in a Barn

    People mock the grieving Millerites. Some give up on God, others pray for an explanation for their great disappointment. Hiram Edson and his brother Owen determine to encourage the brethren.