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Shorts 02 - William Miller - The Rock or the Plough

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Shorts 01 - William Miller - Discovering Jesus

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  • Shorts 02 - William Miller - The Rock...

    Miller struggles with talking about his convictions about prophecy. Pushing aside immense reluctance, he begins to spread the word that Christ will come in 1843 in fulfillment of Daniel's 2300-day prophecy.

  • Shorts 03 - Joshua Himes - Joining th...

    There are mixed reactions to Miller's preaching. Some walk out of church but an extremely energetic Bostonian pastor, Joshua Himes, invites him to preach his message in his church in Boston. Boston goes well, so Miller and Himes join forces to urgently spread the news of Christ's soon Second Coming.

  • Shorts 04 - Joshua Himes - The Whirlwind

    Miller and Himes tour with the message on a frenetic tour of the American North East. Himes uses his printing press to spread the message faster and soon a conference of like-minded believers from different churches is arranged. Despite pressure from Himes, Miller bows out of the conference due t...