Tell The World

Tell The World

3 Seasons

Inspiring short films about the resilience of the Seventh-day Adventist movement.

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Tell The World
  • Shorts 01 - William Miller - Discovering Jesus

    Episode 1

    William Miller is still disturbed about his time at war. He has to know why he survived battle. Despite the misgivings of friends, he immerses himself in Scripture and discovers a friend in Jesus.

  • Shorts 02 - William Miller - The Rock or the Plough

    Episode 2

    Miller struggles with talking about his convictions about prophecy. Pushing aside immense reluctance, he begins to spread the word that Christ will come in 1843 in fulfillment of Daniel's 2300-day prophecy.

  • Shorts 03 - Joshua Himes - Joining the Cause

    Episode 3

    There are mixed reactions to Miller's preaching. Some walk out of church but an extremely energetic Bostonian pastor, Joshua Himes, invites him to preach his message in his church in Boston. Boston goes well, so Miller and Himes join forces to urgently spread the news of Christ's soon Second Coming.

  • Shorts 04 - Joshua Himes - The Whirlwind

    Episode 4

    Miller and Himes tour with the message on a frenetic tour of the American North East. Himes uses his printing press to spread the message faster and soon a conference of like-minded believers from different churches is arranged. Despite pressure from Himes, Miller bows out of the conference due t...

  • Shorts 05 - 2,300 Days - Early Calculations

    Episode 5

    Miller's calculations turn some people off and excite others. Do Daniel's 2300 days actually signify years? Samuel Snow is convinced and his enthusiasm is contagious.

  • Shorts 06 - October 22, 1844 - We Know the Date

    Episode 6

    1843 has passed. Joseph Bates and Samuel Snow seek to encourage those disappointed that Jesus did not come. Samuel Snow tells a small gathering that Daniel's 70-week prophecy means that Christ will come on Oct 22, 1844. Miller is against the setting of a specific date but decides to study Snow's ...

  • Shorts 07 - Ellen Harmon - The Early Years

    Episode 7

    A young but frail Ellen Harmon is convicted by Miller's message. She longs for God's healing in the Second Coming. Christians of all stripes lash out at Miller and his message. Ellen fears hellfire for believing Miller's words. She and her family are disfellowshipped from their local congregation...

  • Shorts 08 - A Day of Rest - Discovering the Sabbath

    Episode 8

    Mrs. Preston is convicted that Saturday is the seventh-day Sabbath. She discusses this with Methodist preacher Elder Wheeler. Conviction spreads about the truth of the Sabbath. Joseph Bates is convinced. Ellen White has a vision about the Sabbath. She says this message must be preached more fully.

  • Shorts 09 - Joseph Bates - Sea Captain Turned Preacher

    Episode 9

    Former sea captain Joseph Bates meets with influential fellow believers and pledges his resources to advancing the message. He suffers heavy financial and personal loss for his mistaken belief that Jesus is coming in 1844 but continues searching and accepts the Seventh-day Sabbath. Initially skep...

  • Shorts 10 - Joseph Bates - Faith Like Flour

    Episode 10

    The Bates are so poor they can barely buy flour to bake bread or eat. They are desperate, having lost friends, family and possessions to the cause. Joseph is so broke he cannot pay the fee for a letter addressed to him. A postman takes pity on him and waives it to reveal a happy surprise.

  • Shorts 11 - Tell the World - The Great Disappointment

    Episode 11

    William Miller is convinced that Jesus will come on October 22, 1844 and lends his voice to preaching the message. Thousands await Jesus' Second Coming on October 22 but the clock strikes midnight uneventfully. Bitter disappointment ensues.

  • Shorts 12 - Brothers in a Barn

    Episode 12

    People mock the grieving Millerites. Some give up on God, others pray for an explanation for their great disappointment. Hiram Edson and his brother Owen determine to encourage the brethren.

  • Shorts 13 - 1844: Right Date - Wrong Event

    Episode 13

    Hiram Edson leads an effort to pray for guidance. Those disillusioned by the Great Disappointment reject him. Hiram suggests that the date October 22, 1844 was right, but that the sanctuary that was cleansed is in heaven. He believes Jesus now intercedes for us before the Father.

  • Shorts 14 - The Midnight Cry

    Episode 14

    Ellen Harmon has a vision during family prayers in which she is taken high above the earth. She sees the Advent people walking toward the Heavenly City on a narrow path. She says there was a light behind the believers called the Midnight Cry signifying Miller's message. As long as the band kept t...

  • Shorts 15 - Ellen & James - A Love Story

    Episode 15

    James White speaks to Ellen Harmon at a gathering. Over friendly conversation and chaperoned walks they fall in love. They marry August 30,1846 in a courthouse because they no longer have a church. The new couple is convicted by the Sabbath message Joseph Bates is preaching.

  • Shorts 16 - The Doubters - Sargent & Robbins

    Episode 16

    Sargent and Robbins cast Ellen Harmon as a false prophet. In vision at a gathering, Ellen holds a Bible above her head, points to randomly selected passages she cannot see and recites them to the amazement of those around her.

  • Shorts 17 - A Healthy World - Learning to Live Well

    Episode 17

    Ellen White awakes from vision but can't make sense of all she has seen. She writes about diet, exercise and health. James White has a stroke at the dinner table. Ellen is determined to nurse James back to health using the principles of the health message revealed to her. The Western Health Refor...

  • Shorts 18 - Going to School

    Episode 18

    Ellen White says healing and education go hand in hand. Convinced of the need to educate the young to further God's work, the early Advent movement starts a school.

  • Shorts 19 - Your House is the World

    Episode 19

    Ellen has a vision in which she is told "your house is the world." She says the scope of the current work is too limited and that the message needs to be spread around the world. At the 1874 General Conference, JN Andrews is sent to Switzerland as the first overseas missionary.

  • Shorts 20 - Printing - The Beginning of Media Ministry

    Episode 20

    Numerous pamphlets and publications are printed to get the Advent message out to a skeptical public. The early Adventists struggle to pay for the publishing effort. Ellen White says a periodical will start small and then go around the world. The Advent Review is born.

  • Shorts 21 - Ellen G White - The Person

    Episode 21

    Through happiness and heartbreak Ellen White grows in her understanding of scripture. Her visions help clarify truth. Despite money trouble and the agony of burying two of her sons, Ellen remains true to her role as the lesser light leading to the Greater Light.

  • Shorts 22 - Church Organization - The Road to a Name

    Episode 22

    Leading a growing movement grows increasingly challenging without proper organization or even a name. At a conference in Battle Creek, Michigan, the name "Seventh-day Adventist" is approved, reflecting the two pillars of faith: the Sabbath and the Second Coming.