Small Talk

Small Talk

10 Episodes

Listen to conversations about really tough questions - and discover how faith fits into everyday life.

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Small Talk
  • Damaged Faith, Hurt Feelings

    Episode 1

    Even people of faith can wound others. Find out how to "put on an armor of love" to protect yourself

  • Admit it, You're Lonely

    Episode 2

    The isolation epidemic could be a bigger problem than heart disease or diabetes.

  • Netflix N' Chill

    Episode 3

    Is "no strings attached" really freedom? Find out how to navigate today's hookup culture.

  • Living with Depression

    Episode 4

    Chances are, you or someone that you know struggles with bouts of depression. How can we better understand the struggle, and ways to help?

  • Using Your Talent for Ministry

    Episode 5

    What do you do if you feel like you have unique skills that don't fit into traditional ministry?

  • Money Management 101

    Episode 6

    Tax return! School Loans! Paychecks and Debt! How to get ahead of it all, and thrive in the rat race, instead of just surviving.

  • Why So Many Denominations?

    Episode 7

    There are hundreds of Christian denominations that all claim to believe in the same God, same Jesus and same Holy Spirit. Why is that the case? How do you know which is the correct one?

  • You Probably Have A Food Allergy

    Episode 8

    Find out how to cure a foggy brain, and meet a food evangelist.

  • Am I Saved

    Episode 9

    Am I saved? While this question is at times asked to figure out the bare minimum for salvation, here we will discuss the very foundation of Christianity and its' lifestyle.

  • Help on Forgiving Family

    Episode 10