Seeking Understanding

Seeking Understanding

7 Episodes

Scientists spend their lives studying nature, but what does this tell them about where everything came from? Does nature really appear to have made itself? Or does it look like a product of genius? Is the Biblical record of history reasonable? Or unbelievable? The Seeking Understanding series features the stories of scientists, the challenges they have faced to their faith, and the evidence they have found that supports an understanding of nature compatible with the biblical worldview.

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Seeking Understanding
  • How Many Years?

    Episode 1

    How did fossil forests of Yellowstone National Park form? Harold Coffin arrived at a remarkable theory, that met with much doubt until the eruption of Mt. St. Helens.

  • Earth History Puzzles

    Episode 2

    Journey with Dr. Ariel Roth as he explores the spectacular Grand Canyon, and unearths questions and answers about how it came to be.

  • Camel Questions

    Episode 3

    Archaeologist Dr. Randall Younker's faith was challenged while studying the accuracy of Moses’ Biblical account of history. Travel with him to Jordan and the Sinai Peninsula and explore his findings.

  • Isabel de Moraes

    Episode 4

    A captivating documentary about Dr. Isabel de Moraes, her research, her life and her faith. Find out how this remarkable woman became one of today's leading scientists?

  • David Pennington

    Episode 5

    During his illustrious career, Dr. Pennington observed the body's God-given ability to heal.

  • John Walton

    Episode 6

  • Elaine Graham Kennedy

    Episode 7

    Stories of scientists, their challenges, faith and the evidence they found for a Biblical worldview.