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Picture Perfect


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  • Conscience, Scripture, Reason

    When Martin Luther faced Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Worms it was his final chance to either recant or confess. His choice would transform Europe – but first came a ‘dark night of the soul’. Victor & Dejan travel to Worms and talk with theologian and historian, Rolf Pöhler.

  • Found in Translation

    In each location on this epic Reformation Journey Dejan and Victor seem to have discovered people who take the Bible really seriously - even at the risk of their lives. Now, they go in search of someone who can help them understand the Bible for today.

  • Valley and Mountain

    How much effort would you put into obtaining a Bible? For Mary Jones, a young Welsh maid, the effort went to saving every penny for six years, then walking 25 miles (40 km) to buy it. In 2018, a group of youth chose to walk the same route she took in 1800, and learn some lessons along the way. [M...