Reformation Journey

Reformation Journey

8 Episodes

A seven-part video series aimed at explaining some of the major themes of the Reformation.

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Reformation Journey
  • A Massacre in Paradise

    Episode 1

    Victor & Dejan journey to the south of Italy to explore Guardia Piedmontese, an idyllic village where Waldensian Christians built a mountain paradise far from home.

  • A Rebel Restored

    Episode 2

    Victor & Dejan travel to Rome to discover the remarkable tale of how the memory of a man seen as a heretic in one part of town is now honoured with a square named after him on a main tourist route.

  • Tricky Situations

    Episode 3

    Victor & Dejan take a hike in the English countryside and discover that the Reformation is all around us. Discover how Henry VIII, king of England, generated reformation for all the wrong reasons, but nevertheless with positive consequences. Filmed in Pyrford, Surrey, UK

  • Keep asking the questions

    Episode 4

    In this episode Dejan and Victor travel to Oxford where they find the risk and rewards of asking questions - 500 hundred years ago and today. It's all part of the journey.

  • Picture Perfect

    Episode 5

    Dejan and Victor continue their Reformation Journey with a visit to Wittenberg - famous as the home of the reformation and the location where Luther posted his 95 thesis. Yet somehow it was not those thesis that caught their attention. Something else caught their eye - and helped them understand...

  • Conscience, Scripture, Reason

    Episode 6

    When Martin Luther faced Emperor Charles V at the Diet of Worms it was his final chance to either recant or confess. His choice would transform Europe – but first came a ‘dark night of the soul’. Victor & Dejan travel to Worms and talk with theologian and historian, Rolf Pöhler.

  • Found in Translation

    Episode 7

    In each location on this epic Reformation Journey Dejan and Victor seem to have discovered people who take the Bible really seriously - even at the risk of their lives. Now, they go in search of someone who can help them understand the Bible for today.

  • Valley and Mountain

    Episode 8

    How much effort would you put into obtaining a Bible? For Mary Jones, a young Welsh maid, the effort went to saving every penny for six years, then walking 25 miles (40 km) to buy it. In 2018, a group of youth chose to walk the same route she took in 1800, and learn some lessons along the way. [M...