Reflections of Hope: Just Breathe

Reflections of Hope: Just Breathe

12 Episodes

Take a visual journey through spiritual principles for everyday living with Pastor Taj Pacleb.

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Reflections of Hope: Just Breathe
  • God of the Desert

    Episode 1

    It is easy to forget God in the tropical paradise of comfort and ease. Seldom do we seek spiritual graces in the lush green forest of luxury and extravagance. In the mild climate of prosperity we tend to become sluggish in spiritual stagnation. But it is in the desert of trial that we begin to th...

  • Edge Up!
    Episode 2

    Edge Up!

    Episode 2

    Few things are more epic than riding snow covered mountains! - Breathing clean air, absorbing the warm sun, getting good exercise, soaking up the beautiful scenery, and exploring God’s creation is an experience worth seeking. Here are some life lessons I learned from riding down the mountains of ...

  • Caught in the Net

    Episode 3

    The ocean is an awesome place of wonder, intrigue, beauty, creativity, and surprise. A water world of liquid wonder! But sometimes the ocean can be a hostile place, not only for visitors like us, but also for its aquatic inhabitants. Not long ago, in the beautiful, blue waters of Bermuda, we came...

  • Chinaman's Hat

    Episode 4

    A simple lesson from the tiny Hawaiian island of Mokoli’i and the China Man’s Hat - Just as the asian rice hat provides shade from the hot summer sun, so does our God provide refuge for His people. God never promised to stop the sun of trial from shining. He never promised that life would always ...

  • Fiji Time
    Episode 5

    Fiji Time

    Episode 5

    The quality of our life increases in proportion to our quality of rest. In a world that is constantly on the grind, God is offering to us Fiji time. Time to come apart and rest a while. To trade the mess of our stress for the best of God’s rest! Time to decompress from the pressures of life. To b...

  • Whale Song

    Episode 6

    Nothing is more soothing than the sounds of nature. From the crashing waves on white sandy beaches to the rustling coconut trees swaying in the cool, island breeze. The falling rain, the singing birds, the babbling brook, the clapping waterfalls, and the rushing rivers. But of all the sounds of n...

  • Strength to Love

    Episode 7

    In this new Reflections of Hope episode, we will uncover the source of the greatest power in the universe.

  • Evacuation Time

    Episode 8

    In this new Reflections of Hope episode, we take a look at another simple and sobering spiritual lesson from our house fire. In these final moments of earth's history, Jesus is pounding at the door of our hearts. He's trying to wake us up from our spiritual sleepiness. He is pleading with us to g...

  • Beauty for Ashes

    Episode 9

    In this new Reflection of Hope episode, we look at one final lesson from the house fire. A profound life lesson that highlights the reality that from the ashes of sin God can bring the beauty of salvation!

  • Bridge of Life

    Episode 10

    The city of San Francisco is home to one of the most beautiful, and certainly the most photographed bridge in the world - The golden gate bridge. It is the iconic symbol of San Francisco, connecting the main city to its upper peninsula. When it opened in 1937 it was the longest suspension bridge ...

  • Macro Grace in Micronesia

    Episode 11

    This newest Reflections of Hope episode, takes us to the beautiful Micronesian island of Guam to hear a story of the macro grace of God! An amazing war story of survival, sacrifice, and love that illustrates the greatest love in the universe. Watch, receive, and share the hope that this incredibl...

  • Just Breathe

    Episode 12

    With the invention of scuba diving, came the wonderful possibilities of seeing and studying the underwater world. Scuba diving is probably the only way to visit another world without leaving planet earth. It is nothing short of spectacular! Now there are many things you need to know before scuba ...