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  • Luke 12:31-32 Hide It In Your Heart Scripture Songs

    Scripture songs to hide in your heart!

  • Creation's Chorus - Greece

    Greece is on the travel bucket lists of many people all over the world. If it hasn’t been placed on yours yet, this video will change your mind.

  • Uncertainty - episode 3

    She lost her job. He lost mobility in his legs.
    Rachelle (Beirut, Lebanon) is unemployed and has no way to pay her bills and expenses. One in four Lebanese is unemployed. Her future is uncertain...
    Martin (Lima, Peru) surprisingly contracted a rare disease: The Guillain-Barre syndrome. In less th...

  • God First -The Truth about Tithe

    Have you ever really thought about tithe-paying? If you’ve had questions, this video can help.

  • James 4:7-8 Hide It In Your Heart Scripture Songs

    Animated Scripture songs to hide in your heart.

  • God First - Jesus and the Tithe

  • God First
    1 season

    God First

    1 season

    The “God First” video series has been created to help people connect with God, providing for them a living experience of trust in Him. Animated by young people, these videos are devised to answer questions about tithe and offerings. Be blessed!

  • Creation's Chorus - Northern Lights

    If you have ever wanted to witness the phenomenon of the aurora borealis, this is your chance—until you can one day do so in person.

  • The Birds That Changed Science

    These specific birds changed everything that had been known about science to that point. How?

  • Uncertainty - the movie

    A film about fears, life decisions, and faith.