Missions Today

Missions Today

3 Seasons

Real-life stories from mission team members and the people they reach.

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Missions Today
  • Missions Today 301 - Cuba

    Episode 1

    Watch God working in the lives of many in Cuba as our mission team preaches the gospel!

  • Missions Today - 302 - Malawi

    Episode 2

    See how medical and spiritual needs are met in Malawi, one of the most primitive societies.

  • Missions Today - 303 - Thailand

    Episode 3

    In Chiang Mai, Thailand, less than 1% of the population is Christian. Watch the Missions Today team share the saving grace of Jesus!

  • Missions Today 304 - Ethiopia

    Episode 4

    Join a mission team as they bless the lives of many orphans and others in Ethiopia by proclaiming God's love!

  • Missions Today 305 - Indonesia

    Episode 5

    This special historical episode of Missions Today takes you to Indonesia, where Greg and the team follow up on past mission projects to see how God has continued impacting lives.

  • Missions Today 306 - Fiji

    Episode 6

    Watch as one church in Fiji gets rebuilt by our mission team after a natural disaster.

  • Missions Today - 307 - Panama

    Episode 7

    Watch the impact this group of young people has in Panama as they share their talents, ministering to God's people.

  • Missions Today 308 - Behind The Mission

    Episode 8

    See some of our favorite missions stories, behind the scenes, plus more extras from the past two seasons of Missions Today in this special Behind the Mission episode!