• Restoring Dignity

    Journey with AdVenture Fund Global through The Philippines and Cambodia. See how service can mean more than a handout. It can transform lives like Abby's, Yann's, Racheal's and Emily's.

  • Breaking the Curse


    A curse made out of desperation still haunts the Otammari people of Benin, convincing them they're destined for failure. Jason's team is on a mission to introduce them to the Curse-breaker.

  • One Year in Mission

    1 season

    Follow along with a new initiative to train young people for volunteer service.

  • Missions Today

    3 seasons

    Real-life stories from mission team members and the people they reach.

  • A Helping Hand for the Journey

    From the shores of Greece, to Hungarian borders, find out how Adventists are helping refugees in their journey towards peace and safety.

  • Portals of Hope

    Two-thirds of the world’s refugees live in cities seeking employment - almost none with access to medical care. Journey to Lebanon with students who found out, you don’t need a typical humanitarian career, to make an impact!

  • Full Circle

    A group of Southern-Asian youth and young adults reflect on the difference missionaries have made to their heritage, and what it means to, in turn, go out and serve others.

  • Micro-financing Projects

    0 seasons

  • Humanitarian - Michael John von Hörsten

    Michael-John von Hörsten witnesses a nonstop flow of weeping, bleeding, and sometimes dying migrants. Produced by General Conference Communication Department.

  • Dark to Light: The Journey of One

    The Native American struggle and story goes largely unheard. Jovannah "Poor Bear" Adams courageously shares her journey to education through Holbrook Indian School. Produced by Shae Foundation and Mudturtle Media, LLC.

  • GLOW Track Testimonies

    1 season

    The goal is 1-million GLOW Tracks. The time is now.

  • ADRA Connections

    1 season

    Journey with ADRA and experience humanitarian work abroad.

  • Global Refugee Day

    This Sabbath is not your typical Sabbath — It’s Global Refugee Sabbath. Around the globe there are men, women and, yes, little children, who are exiled from their homelands, hungry and homeless, sometimes living five and six to a room and many different families sharing the same kitchen and restr...

  • Give Me Iceland

    The unparalleled beauty of Iceland brought to you in your home. But video isn’t about travel. Learn the story of 50 youth who travel there to pray for this secular country.

  • Radim'D

    “Radim’d” is a film you won’t forget: it grows more important each time you see it. A loose-living, would-be football star growing up in Communist-dominated Czechoslovakia becomes one of the most influential businessmen in Central Europe. Penniless at age 24, he swept the streets of Prague. To...

  • God First - One Shot

    If you had a single chance to make a positive impact on someone’s life, would you take it...or let it pass you by?