2 Seasons

At a time when many couldn’t read, art was used as the basis for an understanding of God. Masterstroke explores the stories behind both the paintings and the artists.

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  • The Ransom

    Episode 1

    In this program we explore the value God sees in you and how much He paid so you can be with Him.

  • The Stop Of The 95 Thesis

    Episode 2

    In this Masterstroke program, we see a painting that shows the start of a movement that changed the face of the Christian world.

  • The Egg Dance

    Episode 3

    Have you ever heard of the “Egg dance?” What is it and what did it represent? In this Masterstroke program, we see what lessons can we learn from this bizarre painting.

  • Raising Of Lazarus

    Episode 4

    In this program we explore the life of Vincent Van Gogh and look at why it’s important to have Jesus in the centre of your life.

  • Raising Of The Cross

    Episode 5

    Who is the man crucifying Jesus and lifting up the cross? In this Masterstroke program, we learn that the key question is reflected in the song, “Were you there when they crucified my Lord?”

  • Hidden Treasure

    Episode 6

  • Jeremiah Lamenting the Destruction of Jerusalem

    Episode 7

  • Lot
    Episode 8


    Episode 8

    Lot had plenty going for him. He was one of the true “survivors”. But everything changed when he took hold of a certain drink. This painting helps all of us learn the painful lesson from Lot.

  • Still Life With Open Bible

    Episode 9

    In this program we explore why Van Gogh may have had the Bible in his painting open at Isaiah 53. A chapter which helped Vincent see a God who understood him.

  • The Denial of St Peter

    Episode 10

    How would you feel if you denied you knew Jesus? In this program we show how Caravaggio uses light and dark to highlight the face of Peter.

  • The Creation of Adam

    Episode 11

  • The Dentist
    Episode 12

    The Dentist

    Episode 12

    How would you like to go to the dentist and discover he is also the local barber? In this program we delve into how short-term pain can bring long-term joy.

  • The Enemy Sowing Tares

    Episode 13

    Why do bad things happen to good people? Is there really a devil? Or is Satan just a myth? John Millais paints a clear and graphic picture of the underlying reasons behind why life seems so unfair

  • The Stoning of Stephen

    Episode 14

    Why did Rembrandt paint the face of Stephen as the same face as Saul? In this program we talk about Rembrandt’s first painting and the lessons for anyone who has been falsely and cruelly judged by other people.

  • Tower of Babel

    Episode 15

    In this program we explore the wonderful news that we can never save ourselves by our own efforts.

  • The Mote and the Beam

    Episode 16

  • Old Woman Saying Grace

    Episode 17

  • Two Children Teasing a Cat

    Episode 18

    This painting shows two cheeky children teasing a cat with a snapping crayfish. Another painting portrays a young girl pulling the cats tail.