2 Seasons

At a time when many couldn’t read, art was used as the basis for an understanding of God. Masterstroke explores the stories behind both the paintings and the artists.

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  • A Picture Of God

    Episode 1

    What is your picture of God? Presenter Neale Schoflield talks to artist Phil McKay about his painting "Hand of Jesus" to discover a new perspctive on the age old question, "Is God a good God?".

  • What Are You Worth?

    Episode 2

    Have you ever wondered how much you are worth? Presenter Neale Schofield investigates the famous painting, "The taking of Christ" by Caravaggio. Discover why Judas thought Jesus was worth so little, and why Jesus thought Judas was worth so much.

  • Left Out Of The Picture

    Episode 3

    Have you ever looked at a painting and felt like something was missing? Delve into the mind of Vincent van Gogh to not only understand his paintings, but also the man himself.

  • Doubting Thomas

    Episode 4

    The painting "The incredulity of Thomas" by Caravaggio, depicts the most notorious example of doubt in history. So why did Thomas have such doubts, and how did he resolve them?

  • Lost and Found

    Episode 5

    Have you ever lost something and got totally frustrated because you can't find it? Discover the mystery in the painting "The Lost Drachma" by artist James Tissot.

  • Weighed in the Balances

    Episode 6

    What happens after death? The painting, "Belshazzar’s Feast", by Rembrandt shows the moment in time that a powerful king discovered his fate.