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Joseph Bates & The Sabbath Pact

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Frederick Wheeler & Rachel Oakes

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  • Joseph Bates & The Sabbath Pact

    Joseph Bates, T.M Preble, Cyrus Farnsworth and Frederick Wheeler - 4 men who would have a huge impact on the adoption of the Sabbath by the Advent believers. Three of them would meet in Washington, NH where their decision would be solidified through prayer and Bible study.

  • The Sabbath Pact & The Youth of Paris...

    It was in Paris Hill, Maine where the teenagers from three families followed the Protestant principle of being true to their conscience and scripture.

  • Hiram Edson - The Theological Birthplace

    The farm of Hiram Edson is called the theological birthplace of Adventism. It was here where a clearer and correct understanding of the sanctuary was developed.