2 Seasons

A journey through time, tracing the roots of our spiritual family.

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  • The Mayflower & The Birth of America

    Episode 1

    As the Mayflower landed in Plymouth, no one could have imagined the impact this seemingly small event would have on world history.

  • The Great Awakening

    Episode 2

    Men such as George Whitfield, Jonathan Edwards and Charles Finney were used in a powerful way to bring revival and call people back to God.

  • William Miller - Eary Life & Conversion

    Episode 3

    How did this Deist farmer from upstate New York come to be such an influential preacher? What impacted him and led to his conversion?

  • William Miller - Study & Call to Ministry

    Episode 4

    After coming to a understanding of the book of Daniel, William Miller resisted the call to preach for many years.

  • The Great Disappointment

    Episode 5

    In the early 1840's people all over the world were expecting Jesus to return after a study of the prophecies of Daniel.

  • The Potato Preachers

    Episode 6

    Two farmers had potato fields that testified of Gods goodness and watch care.

  • Ellen White- Early Years

    Episode 7

    Out of obscurity, from a small town in the north easterly tip of America, Ellen White would go on to accomplish great things.

  • Ellen White - First Vision & Call to Ministry

    Episode 8

    How do you respond when you are called by God? This simple but huge question was something that Ellen White had to grapple with that had huge consequences for the future of the Advent believers.

  • Hazen Foss and William Foy - Unfaithful and Faithful

    Episode 9

    Two men, named William Foy and Hazen Foss received the prophetic gift during the 1840s, though each would have vastly different experiences in their life and ministry.

  • Frederick Wheeler & Rachel Oakes

    Episode 10

    How do you respond when something you are doing is pointed as as being wrong? Frederick Wheeler had to grapple with this question after an encounter with Rachel Preston.

  • Joseph Bates & The Sabbath Pact

    Episode 11

    Joseph Bates, T.M Preble, Cyrus Farnsworth and Frederick Wheeler - 4 men who would have a huge impact on the adoption of the Sabbath by the Advent believers. Three of them would meet in Washington, NH where their decision would be solidified through prayer and Bible study.

  • The Sabbath Pact & The Youth of Paris Hill

    Episode 12

    It was in Paris Hill, Maine where the teenagers from three families followed the Protestant principle of being true to their conscience and scripture.

  • Hiram Edson - The Theological Birthplace

    Episode 13

    The farm of Hiram Edson is called the theological birthplace of Adventism. It was here where a clearer and correct understanding of the sanctuary was developed.

  • The Birth of Spiritualism & The State of the Dead

    Episode 14

    What happens when you die? Its a huge question that every culture grapples with. George Storrs is not as well known as some but his theological contribution to Adventism was huge as he sought to answer the question - what happens when you die? His answers would go against the grain of popular Chr...

  • Henry Whites Death at Fort Howland

    Episode 15

    Topsham, Maine was the scene of many significant events for the Advent believers but for Ellen White none perhaps so personal as the loss of her son, Henry White at age 16. This was the second child that the Whites lost and it was a particularly devastating blow to the family but God pulled them ...

  • Eugene Farnsworth & Ellen White

    Episode 16

    Unconfessed and deliberate concealed sin is one of the biggest hindrances to the work of God. It was also the cause of many young people not giving their lives to God in Washington, NH before Ellen and James White made a life changing visit.

  • The First Adventist Press in Rochester

    Episode 17

    The first Adventist owned press lived in the Whites home along with several other young people who would make a huge impact.

  • Annie Smith- Short Life, Huge Impact

    Episode 18

    Annie Smith was a gifted writer, poet and editor and although her life was tragically cut short she made a huge impact in early Adventism. Shunning a life of ease and plenty, she sacrificed worldly ambition and riches to work for little financial gain in the early days at our fledgling press.

  • The Great Controversy

    Episode 19

    In the middle of a funeral Ellen White would have possibly her most significant vision. The Great Controversy vision was one that the devil did not want to make it to print. Ellen White almost died soon after but lived to write the book that has changed the lives of countless people.