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24 Martin Luther- Captured to A Castle

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  • 25 Martin Luther - Protest of the Pri...

    The name ‘Protestant’ dates back to a meeting in the town of Speyer, Germany and 8 Princes protested against the abuse of power and overreach of the authority of the church in their day. Men of principle, firm and resolute whose stand and values has been cherished by many since.

  • 26 John Calvin - Early Years In France

    Though his greatest work would occur in Switzerland, John Calvin began his life near Paris. Despite his parents' wishes and his own original intentions, his life would take twists and turns before his conversion set his destiny on course.

  • 27 - Placards and Protest In France

    In their desire to see the Reformation advanced in France, some decisions were made that ultimately proved extremely costly. Instead of progress the reformation lost its brightest minds to other countries at best and at worst to death and persecution.