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14 Bohemian Reformation - Burned for Their Faith

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  • 15 Bohemian Reformation - Hussite Wars

    It was hoped by some that the death of Huss and Jerome would signal an end to the work in Bohemia but this was not to be the case. The work continued and was protected during the Bohemian wars by the General Zizska. He never lost a battle and despite having a vastly smaller army they were able to...

  • 16 John Wycliffe- Worldwide Witness

    John Wycliffe died in 1384 but he was not destined to rest in the grave. 40 Years later he was dug up, burnt to ashes and then thrown in a nearby river. As the waters of this river would flow around the world, so would the influence of God’s Word following Wycliffe’s translation.

  • 17 The Press Behind the Reformation

    Every several hundred years an invention comes along that revolutionizes society, fundamentally changing some aspect of our lives. The Gutenberg Press was such an invention, changing communication, making the quick spread of new ideas possible. It had a huge impact on the reformation in the 16th ...