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11 John Wycliffe- The Morning Star

4m 54s

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  • 12 Bohemian Reformation - Huss & Jerome

    The small region of Bohemia, located in modern day Czech Republic, was home to two mighty heroes of the reformation: John Huss and Jerome. Their legacy spread beyond their home city of Prague and lives on to this day.

  • 13 Bohemian Reformation - Trial of Hu...

    In 1415 the Council of Constance convened to settle the papal schism and deal with 'heresies' that were arising. Two men from Bohemia would find themselves there. Huss was called to trial and Jerome came seeking to help him, though he would end up in prison himself.

  • 14 Bohemian Reformation - Burned for ...

    Burned for their faith, Huss and Jerome approached the stake as if they were attending a wedding not a martyrdom. As the flames encircled their bodies they sang hymns, and The legacy of their faithful and heroic lives would prove to last much longer than their relatively short lives.