2 Seasons

A journey through time, tracing the roots of our spiritual family.

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  • 01 Constantine - Compromise & Controversy

    Episode 1

    A journey through time, tracing the roots of our spiritual family. Episode 1 begins with an event that changed the Christian landscape - the conversion of Constantine. Produced by the NEC Youth Dept.

  • 02 Scotland's Braveheart

    Episode 2

    Isolated from the rest of Britain and Europe lies the island of Iona, yet from this small, barren island, a great impact would be felt far and wide. Produced by the NEC Youth Dept.

  • 03 Holy Island

    Episode 3

    Lindisfarne, also known as the Holy Island, situated on the north Coast of England would be the base of mission operations in England in the 7th century. Produced by the NEC Youth Dept.

  • 04 The Tide Turns

    Episode 4

    Crucial decisions would be made during the Whitby Synod in 664 A.D., affting the future of Christianity in the British Isles. Produced by the NEC Youth Dept.

  • 05 Dinooth & Columbanus

    Episode 5

    We travel from Iona to Wales where another training school was established. Produced by the NEC Youth Dept.

  • 06 Waldenses : People of the Valleys

    Episode 6

    The Church in the Wilderness of Revelation 12:6,14 is perhaps best illustrated by the experience of the Waldensians. Journey and see their commitment to mission and service for God. Produced by the NEC Youth Dept.

  • 07 The Waldenses - A Mission Movement

    Episode 7

    Deep in the valleys this sturdy people lived and worked, but they were not hermits. Through their well-trained children, young people, and older people, they impacted the whole continent.

  • 08 The Waldenses - Lux Lucet In Tenebris

    Episode 8

    'Lux Lucet in Tenebris' is the Waldensian motto and it translates as 'A Light out of Darkness.' Hunted and persecuted they often had to retreat into the bowels of the earth and worship God in the shelter of caves.

  • 09 The Albigensian Massacre

    Episode 9

    Pope Innocent III was anything but innocent. During his reign, numerous groups were persecuted at the start of the 13th century, in particular the Albigensian's. Over a 20 year period he attempted to wipe out this faithful, Bible believing people in Southern France.

  • 10 Magna Carta- The Foundation of Freedom

    Episode 10

    The Magna Carta is one of the most important documents in history, yet many have never heard of it or read it in full. Its legacy has inspired liberty and freedom around the world, showing that no one is above the law.

  • 11 John Wycliffe- The Morning Star

    Episode 11

    John Wycliffe - Morning Star of the Reformation, lived over 600 years ago, yet his legacy lives on. Translator of the Bible, defender of national sovereignty and trainer of missionary preachers - his impact was great and paved the way for those who would come after him.

  • 12 Bohemian Reformation - Huss & Jerome

    Episode 12

    The small region of Bohemia, located in modern day Czech Republic, was home to two mighty heroes of the reformation: John Huss and Jerome. Their legacy spread beyond their home city of Prague and lives on to this day.

  • 13 Bohemian Reformation - Trial of Huss & Jerome

    Episode 13

    In 1415 the Council of Constance convened to settle the papal schism and deal with 'heresies' that were arising. Two men from Bohemia would find themselves there. Huss was called to trial and Jerome came seeking to help him, though he would end up in prison himself.

  • 14 Bohemian Reformation - Burned for Their Faith

    Episode 14

    Burned for their faith, Huss and Jerome approached the stake as if they were attending a wedding not a martyrdom. As the flames encircled their bodies they sang hymns, and The legacy of their faithful and heroic lives would prove to last much longer than their relatively short lives.

  • 15 Bohemian Reformation - Hussite Wars

    Episode 15

    It was hoped by some that the death of Huss and Jerome would signal an end to the work in Bohemia but this was not to be the case. The work continued and was protected during the Bohemian wars by the General Zizska. He never lost a battle and despite having a vastly smaller army they were able to...

  • 16 John Wycliffe- Worldwide Witness

    Episode 16

    John Wycliffe died in 1384 but he was not destined to rest in the grave. 40 Years later he was dug up, burnt to ashes and then thrown in a nearby river. As the waters of this river would flow around the world, so would the influence of God’s Word following Wycliffe’s translation.

  • 17 The Press Behind the Reformation

    Episode 17

    Every several hundred years an invention comes along that revolutionizes society, fundamentally changing some aspect of our lives. The Gutenberg Press was such an invention, changing communication, making the quick spread of new ideas possible. It had a huge impact on the reformation in the 16th ...

  • 18 Martin Luther- Discovering The Word

    Episode 18

    Medieval Europe in the 15th century was ripe for change. A man was born in Germany into a humble home, and though he had no desire for personal fame, he would go on to transform not just his own country but the whole continent.

  • 19 Martin Luther- The Just Shall Live By Faith

    Episode 19

    Early in his ministry Luther would embark on a trip that would change his life forever. Called to go to Rome, what he thought would be a pilgrimage changed his life, but for different reasons than he anticipated.

  • 20 Ulrich Zwingli- The Swiss Reformation

    Episode 20

    Zwingli did for Switzerland what Luther did for Germany - spearheading reform, standing for truth and calling people back to the Bible.

  • 21 Martin Luther- The 95 Thesis

    Episode 21

    Aside from the Bible, perhaps the single most significant document written by someone is the 95 Thesis by Martin Luther. Although initially written to address a local need, the impact mushroomed beyond what anyone could have imagined

  • 22 Martin Luther- The Papal Bull

    Episode 22

    Martin Luther was not left to live his life in peace but encountered repeated opposition and trial. The Church of Rome took the threat so seriously that a Papal Bull was produced but Luther was undaunted and publicly burned it under a tree in Wittenburg.

  • 23 Martin Luther- Here I Stand

    Episode 23

    Despite his relatively young age and lack of experience, Martin Luther was not swayed by pressure or opinion. Standing before the Diet of Worms he refused to go against his conscience and said, ‘Here I stand, I can do no other. So help me God.’

  • 24 Martin Luther- Captured to A Castle

    Episode 24

    Whilst on his way home from the Diet of Worms, Luther was 'captured' and taken to Wartburg Castle. This audacious plot executed by his friends saved Luther from his enemies and gave him a welcome respite from the challenges he faced. He wasn't to remain there long term though - his burden for his...