• From Sickness to Health

    2 seasons

    You'll smile and laugh as you learn the biblically backed, scientific principles of good health in this amazing series. Join host Rico Hill as he explores important health topics with a variety of experts and his blue sidekick, "Sickness”.

  • Live It!
    1 season

    Live It!

    1 season

    Get the facts about which foods and habits can impact your health for the better!

  • This Wild Idea

    1 season

    Get motivated to get outdoors with activities you and your family can experience together. Enjoy stunning scenery, created by God for us to enjoy and to enhance our health and wellbeing.

  • Get Active

    1 season

    Take part in the Get Active Challenge and explore new activities.

  • Thirteen Weeks to Peace

    1 season

    Jennifer Jill Schwirzer, author of 13 Weeks to Peace addresses issues such as anxiety, depression and walking through past hurts.

  • Thirteen Weeks to Love

    1 season

    Author and speaker Jennifer Jill Schwirzer shows how to live God’s love and how doing so fulfills the purpose for which He created us.

  • We Run

    Twenty-eight thousand people run the Two-Oceans Marathon every year. Find out how Adventists run the distance a little differently than the rest, in this expose about the thrill of the Sabbath day.

  • What is the Sabbath?

    The Sabbath is so often overlooked and regularly regarded as a burden but that's not what the Bible teaches us and it most definitely was not my experience growing up. Great video by Boris Jovinov.

  • Brazil's Player of the Year Says He Chooses God Over Career

    An up-and-coming soccer goalkeeper stirred up Brazil's sporting world by announcing that he would no longer play matches scheduled from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday.

  • Country Dwelling

    Urban living or Country dwelling? There are practical and spiritual benefits to both options. Here’s one young family’s perspective on why they decided to settle in a very rural area. Be sure to check out our video, “Surrounded by the City” at, for some thoughtful perspec...

  • Surrounded by the City - Good or Bad?

    Adventist Review asks university students and faculty about the advantages and disadvantages of living and studying in an urban environment.