• Bible Stories
    1 season

    Bible Stories

    1 season

    Animated Bible stories, featuring characters and how the same life principles can be used today.

  • Icky-Free Kids
    1 season

    Icky-Free Kids

    1 season

    The Blue Guy, aka Sickness, and The Blue Corporation takeover a magnate school for gifted kids to indoctrinate the children in the ways of bad health habits.

  • The Creation Case

    1 season

    An explosive question has arrived to HQ. Rich’s assignment is to investigate and visit some volcanoes to see if they provide evidence for Creation. Along the way Rich will have to be very careful because visiting a volcano can be explosive! Gear up and join him!

  • A Musical Journey

    16 videos

    A Musical Journey is an animated series of videos where children can follow the Pro-Active Kids to the CELEBRATIONS castle. They will learn fun songs about healthy habits and how to live a healthy lifestyle as they follow Jesus. Produced by General Conference Children’s Ministries.

  • Give Your Best Gift

  • Design in the Galapagos Islands

    4 videos

    The creatures of the Galapagos Islands have fascinated nature lovers around the world.