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  • Carlos Mupupuni - The Great Physician

    In the midst of calamities, pain and suffering, we can only live with hope and look up to Christ. He promises that to be our Great Physician who is ever-present. This old classic hymn was written by Willian Hunter. Here is an instrumental version as performed by Carlos Mpupuni. Produced by EZC Me...

  • The Past With a Future - Curating the Village

    Take a look at what all goes into creating and nurturing a piece of living history for the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

  • Familiar Spirits

    Can we communicate with our loved ones who have passed away? Guesses and opinions vary, so where should we go for inside information? Dr. Dwight Nelson puts the answers in a nutshell in this information-packed video. Your next five minutes could mean the difference between truth and deception. Do...

  • Creation's Chorus - Ants

    Are ants just a huge pain to your picnics, or do they play a more fascinating part in the natural world then you gave them credit for? Tune in and see for yourself.

  • Sharks

    Join our team on their own underwater adventure with these controversial creatures.