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Watch this video and more on Adventist Review TV

Clifford Goldstein - Bestseller

Faith • 8m 8s

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    In a world of fake news, how do we know what is true anymore? Hear the stirring testimony of a man who was so deeply entangled in a lie that it almost cost him everything, including his life.


    Famed astronomer Carl Sagan left a sentiment about our world that is felt by millions today: that it has no meaning and no purpose. Historical events challenge this belief when king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, the greatest empire in history, asked Daniel, a slave, to interpret a dream. The king’s ...

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    This Sabbath is not your typical Sabbath — It’s Global Refugee Sabbath. Around the globe there are men, women and, yes, little children, who are exiled from their homelands, hungry and homeless, sometimes living five and six to a room and many different families sharing the same kitchen and restr...