• Radim'D

    “Radim’d” is a film you won’t forget: it grows more important each time you see it. A loose-living, would-be football star growing up in Communist-dominated Czechoslovakia becomes one of the most influential businessmen in Central Europe. Penniless at age 24, he swept the streets of Prague. To...

  • Beyond the Search

    1 season

    An epic story that gives new perspective to a world in crisis.

  • Digging Deeper

    1 season

  • The Creation - The Earth is a Witness

    Movie + 1 extra

    "The Creation: The Earth is a Witness" is a day-by-day account of the biblical creation week, beginning with darkness before God created light and ending with Moses, the author of the Genesis account

  • Breaking the Curse Documentary

    Even after generations, a curse made out of desperation still haunts the Otammari people of Benin in Africa, convincing them they are destined for failure. Jason and his team are on a mission to introduce them to the Curse-breaker.

  • A Matter of Conscience

  • Pseudology- The Art of Lying

    Little Light Studios takes an in depth look into the pseudology of the entertainment industry and reveals how some movies are reshaping your views of God.

  • Magic Kingdom

    Childhood is one of the key stages in the development of the human mind. Could cartoons be targeting young impressionable minds with “magic” messages? Could underlying content be more than just for children? Magic Kingdom examines the deeper story lines of some of the most popular cartoons that a...

  • Portals of Hope

    Two-thirds of the world’s refugees live in cities seeking employment - almost none with access to medical care. Journey to Lebanon with students who found out, you don’t need a typical humanitarian career, to make an impact!