12 Episodes

Digma explore the most vital questions we ask as human beings. Are we really alone in the universe? Is there an atheism that a believer in God could agree with? If God exists, and if God is good, then why is our world filled with suffering? Join Ty Gibson in an effort to answer the most problematic questions.

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  • The Signature

    Episode 1

    Investigate the claim that God is knowable through His signature.

  • Beautiful Math

    Episode 2

    Wonder with Albert Einstein if some sort of infinitely intelligent mind might be behind the ordered art form of math.

  • Pale Blue Dot

    Episode 3

    An exploration into the profound enormity of the galaxy where our planet hangs, contrasted by the extreme significance each of us holds with God.

  • Frederick’s Experiment

    Episode 4

    Examine the human need for love and intimacy against the backdrop of materialistic evolution.

  • Atheist Too

    Episode 5

    What if a God could exist who was nothing but total goodness...would you want Him to?

  • Distorted
    Episode 6


    Episode 6

    Is the picture of God you hold in your heart one that attracts you or repels you?

  • World View

    Episode 7

    What if there are only six belief systems in the world. Which do you believe?

  • Survival Race

    Episode 8

    A summary of the theory of evolution, exploring whether we truly understand its implications.

  • Paradigm Shift

    Episode 9

    How can there be a God when we have a world of suffering and evil?

  • Unforced
    Episode 10


    Episode 10

    Love and force are mutually exclusive and can’t coexist, not even in God.

  • Red Hot Love

    Episode 11

    A God who loves but never gets angry is not only inconceivable but objectionable as well.

  • Rethinking Hell

    Episode 12

    Exploring the contradiction found in a God who allegedly burns people in hell forever, yet is love.