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Guns Right?: 14th + U

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The Price of Free Speech: 14th + U

Current Issues • 15m

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  • Guns Right?: 14th + U

    Gun ownership is as American as baseball, apple pie and all-too-frequent mass shootings. But the 2nd Amendment gives every American the right to bear arms. Has our gun culture become a right that has gone wrong? On 14th and U, Dwain and Cliff delve into the topic to argue the pros and cons of thi...

  • Surveillance | 14th + U

    On 14th and U, hosts Dwain Esmond and Cliff Goldstein discuss the matters that matter to you. In this episode the topic is the ever-increasing level of surveillance in America, presented as modern-day conveniences. Does privacy still exists? Or are all conversations and actions open to unfamiliar...

  • BREXIT and Prophecy

    Details from the biblical book of Daniel continue to unfold before our eyes today. Find out what else we can learn about European tension from a king and his dreams thousands of years ago.