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  • COVID-19
    14 videos


    14 videos

    The world has never seen something like this in modern times. As we go through these difficult and uncertain times, we must remember that our God is still in control, still watching over us, and still ever near. It is our hope that this collection of content will inform, inspire, and uplift you a...

  • Pivot Points
    7 videos

    Pivot Points

    7 videos

    The world has never experienced a crisis such as the one we find ourselves in now. Naturally, serious questions about faith, prophecy, mental and physical health, etc., are on the minds of many. How do we work through this and stay well? Where is God right now? Is this a definitive sign of the en...

  • 14th+U
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    1 season

  • Digging Deeper
    1 season

    Digging Deeper

    1 season

  • BREXIT and Prophecy

    Details from the biblical book of Daniel continue to unfold before our eyes today. Find out what else we can learn about European tension from a king and his dreams thousands of years ago.

  • Seeing Prophecy Through an Economic Lens

    As the world economy rides another financial plunge, what can we learn from how economics has lined up with prophecy in the past? Timothy Aka, Author and Associate Treasurer for the Adventist World Church explains.

  • Not Just a Cycle

    Scott Christiansen, Author of the book 'Planet in Distress'', explains how natural disasters fit into the Great Controversy and Bible prophecy.

  • Humanitarian - Michael John von Hörsten

    Michael-John von Hörsten witnesses a nonstop flow of weeping, bleeding, and sometimes dying migrants. Produced by General Conference Communication Department.

  • Dark to Light: The Journey of One

    The Native American struggle and story goes largely unheard. Jovannah "Poor Bear" Adams courageously shares her journey to education through Holbrook Indian School. Produced by Shae Foundation and Mudturtle Media, LLC.

  • The Greater Threat: Boonstra and Goldstein Discussion

    Two experienced trend-watchers wrestle with how prophecy and headlines intersect.