Creation's Chorus

Creation's Chorus

2 Seasons

Beautiful nature scenes set to music to warm your heart and home.

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Creation's Chorus
  • Creation's Chorus - Starry Skies

    Episode 1

    Have you ever looked up into a star-filled sky and wondered how God could have created so many and set them perfectly as they are? Creation's Chorus will help you feel that sense of awe at the extraordinary handiwork of the ultimate Creator.

  • Creation's Chorus - Norway

    Episode 2

    Fjords, lakes and waterfalls. God's creativity is easily seen in beautiful Norway.

  • Creation's Chorus - Japanese Koi

    Episode 3

    Since the early 19th-century these colorful fish have been kept in Japanese water gardens.

  • Creation's Chorus - Maldives

    Episode 4

    The Maldives are quite possibly one of the most beautiful places on earth. You don’t need to wait for international travel to resume as normal to take a peek. It’s here in this week’s gorgeous installment of Creation’s Chorus. Just click and enjoy!

  • Creation's Chorus Bryce Canyon

    Episode 5

  • Creation's Chorus - Forest Floor

    Episode 6

    We tend to look up and around for beauty. But don’t miss what God has made lovely in the least expected places. Check out this week’s installment of Creation’s Chorus to see what we’re talking about.

  • Creation's Chorus - Thunderstorms

    Episode 7

    While thunderstorms may be unpleasant for a lot of people, is there beauty to be found in this, one of God’s creations?

  • Creation's Chorus - Contrasts

    Episode 8

    Contrasts are found all throughout the natural world and they only speak of the creativity and design of the master Creator.

  • Creation's Chorus - Ocean Blue

    Episode 9

    Do you have a couple of minutes to be swept away? Tune in to this installment of Creation’s Chorus for a little dose of pure beauty.

  • Creation's Chorus - Australia

    Episode 10

    The natural beauty of Australia is a wonder of the world, even if it’s not officially included in that list.

  • Creation's Chorus - Red

    Episode 11

    Red is one of the most vibrant shades of color to be found in nature. Tune in to this video to see it pop in the natural world, further evidence of God’s artistry.

  • Creation's Chorus - The Heavens

    Episode 12

    The wonder and beauty of the stars and space. Here’s how to view it without a giant telescope.

  • Creation's Chorus - Scotland

    Episode 13

    There is so much more to Scotland than tartan prints and lots of kilts. Take a trip to this beautiful country without leaving your home.

  • Creation's Chorus - Shapes

    Episode 14

    We often pay attention to the colors that paint nature. But shapes tell a magnificent story of divine creativity. Take a look and see for yourselves!

  • Creation's Chorus - Iceland

    Episode 15

    Iceland has landed on the bucket list of many travellers worldwide. Before you book your tickets (for after quarantine), visit virtually!

  • Creation's Chorus - Rain

    Episode 16

    Do you like rain or is it nothing more than an annoyance when you have to be out and about? Watch this video to see it from different perspective.

  • Creation's Chorus - New Zealand

    Episode 17

    How about New Zealand this weekend? If beauty and rich cultural history are your thing, this is for you.

  • Creation's Chorus - Ice

    Episode 18

    Ice is cold. That’s all there is to it, right? You’d be surprised.

  • Creation's Chorus - Northern Lights

    Episode 19

    If you have ever wanted to witness the phenomenon of the aurora borealis, this is your chance—until you can one day do so in person.

  • Creation's Chorus - Greece

    Episode 20

    Greece is on the travel bucket lists of many people all over the world. If it hasn’t been placed on yours yet, this video will change your mind.

  • Creation's Chorus - Orange

    Episode 21

    Almost every day starts and ends with the color orange, one of the many hues in God's creative palette.

  • Creation's Chorus - Japan

    Episode 22

    Japan is a fascinating country where natural beauty and culture combine harmoniously.

  • Creation's Chorus - Waves

    Episode 23

    Who doesn’t love playing in the waves at the beach? While beautiful and sometimes dangerous, waves are nonetheless fascinating to watch.

  • Creation's Chorus - Switzerland

    Episode 24

    Just seeing the majestic mountains of Switzerland is enough to strengthen one's faith in creation.