The world has never seen something like this in modern times. As we go through these difficult and uncertain times, we must remember that our God is still in control, still watching over us, and still ever near. It is our hope that this collection of content will inform, inspire, and uplift you as you watch.

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  • Act of God

    What makes a natural disaster an “act of God?” Is God the one behind the typhoons, the locust plagues—and this mysterious virus now afflicting the whole world? Join Bill Knott, editor of Adventist Review and Adventist World for a clear, compelling study of how Christians ought to think about a wo...

  • Toilet Paper Rush of 2020

    The greatest charge Jesus gave to us was for us to love one another, not horde necessary supplies. How can we be like Jesus in this difficult moment of time?

  • Pivot Points: Safe and Sound

    Medical experts unpack facts and myths about COVID-19 and shed light on the relationship between faith and accountability in the face of a pandemic.

  • Pivot Points: Sane and Sound

    Anxiety, loneliness and depression may be some of the very real mental health effects of living in the midst of a pandemic. Three experts discuss these and other effects and how to address them, while helping others.

  • Pivot Points: Saved and Sound

    Four theologians discuss questions about the relationship of COVID-19 and theology. Did God Send COVID-19 and is it meant only for unbelievers? Should governments be able to close churches? Is this one of Revelation's plagues?

  • Pivot Points - Serving and Sound

    Caregivers such as pastors, missionaries and parents are leaned on to provide a sense of security in moments of crisis. What special needs do these groups have? How is the nature of spiritual and psychological care changing in a social distancing environment? How can we be sensitive to what these...

  • Expect Trouble to Break Out

    Voice of Prophecy speaker Shawn Boonstra talks with Bill Knott about how Coronavirus has reshaped one of the largest Adventist evangelistic efforts in North America.

  • Evacuation Time

    In this new Reflections of Hope episode, we take a look at another simple and sobering spiritual lesson from our house fire. In these final moments of earth's history, Jesus is pounding at the door of our hearts. He's trying to wake us up from our spiritual sleepiness. He is pleading with us to g...

  • Beyond Disaster

    What’s going on? Where are we headed? Is anyone in control? Beyond Disaster explores environmental, social and financial events to find the bigger picture that unites them all.

  • Titanic: Endless Love

    When the Titanic met with disaster, one passenger who was entitled to a lifeboat, gave up that right.

  • Oberammergau - The Promise

    There was once a time when the telling of the story of the Passion was as closely linked to a pandemic as it is now. Watch this fascinating video to discover the tale.

  • Pivot Points - Student Life, Altered

    This is a tough time for students—especially university students. It’s not vacation and online classes aren’t necessarily better. How are these precious members of our church doing? Join Bill Knott and Joseph Khabbaz from Southern Adventist University to delve into this topic.

  • Pivot Points - Bracing for Impact

    Bracing for Impact, a conversation with Jason Dunkel, CEO and President of the AdventHealth North Pinellas Hospital in Florida regarding the preparation activities their institution has embarked on to effectively care for the local Covid-19 patients.

  • Pivot Points - God at the Forefront

    A conversation with Fred Manchur, CEO of the Kettering Health Network regarding the preparation activities their institution has embarked on to effectively care for the local Covid-19 patients.