Business and Money

  • Fruition Lab

    1 season

    Start off the new year with Fruition Lab! Inspiring talks for entrepreneurs, creatives and everyday life!

  • Storms and Prophecy

    As natural disasters and economic turmoil increase, find out what Ellen G. White had to say about what to expect, and how to prepare.

  • Economic Calm Before the Storm

    Timothy Aka, Associate Treasurer for the Seventh-day Adventist World Church, explains where we are in the financial cycle...and when things might crash.

  • "Would Ellen White have anything to say about the Panama Papers?"

    "The world is talking about the leak of millions of documents, implicating top names in underground money dealings. Would Ellen White have anything to say about the scandal? Dwain Esmond, Associate Director at the Ellen G. White Estate, explains.

  • Seeing Prophecy Through an Economic Lens

    As the world economy rides another financial plunge, what can we learn from how economics has lined up with prophecy in the past? Timothy Aka, Author and Associate Treasurer for the Adventist World Church explains.

  • God First
    1 season

    God First

    1 season

    The “God First” video series has been created to help people connect with God, providing for them a living experience of trust in Him. Animated by young people, these videos are devised to answer questions about tithe and offerings. Be blessed!