Beyond the Search

Beyond the Search

13 Episodes

An epic story that gives new perspective to a world in crisis.

Beyond the Search
  • Beyond Disaster

    Episode 1

    What’s going on? Where are we headed? Is anyone in control? Beyond Disaster explores environmental, social and financial events to find the bigger picture that unites them all.

  • Beyond Conflict

    Episode 2

    Beyond Conflict explores the role gossip plays in stirring up conflict and drops into a robotics conference in South Korea to find the purpose of life.

  • Beyond Pain

    Episode 3

    Beyond Pain explores physical, mental and spiritual pain to reveal deeper, life-changing issues. Pain doesn’t make sense if God is all-loving and all-powerful. Or does it?

  • Beyond Heroes

    Episode 4

    Do we need a hero? Or are we looking for something much bigger? Who are the heroes you look up to? Do they have your best interest at heart?

  • Beyond Lost

    Episode 5

    When you are lost, a GPS is helpful. But when you are trapped, you require a rescue plan.

  • Beyond Guilt

    Episode 6

    We all have to deal with guilt at some point. Beyond Guilt talks with Emmanuel Jal, a child soldier in the Sudanese civil war, and reveals how he dealt with his guilt overload.

  • Beyond Rules

    Episode 7

    Beyond Rules visits a country that has tried to resist the influence of law, and also explores how love makes a huge difference in our attitude towards rules.

  • Beyond Burnout

    Episode 8

    Electrical devices aren’t the only things that burn out. People and relationships do too, and often for the same reason - overload. Beyond our busy lives there is a safety switch that guards against a blown brain-circuit and delivers real rest and peace.

  • Beyond Counterfeit

    Episode 9

    Few experiences are as soul-destroying as falling victim to a scam. In the great cosmic conflict, humankind bought into a scam about God’s intentions and character.

  • Beyond Death

    Episode 10

    Beyond the conflicting notions about what happens when we die, there is one absolute: your destiny is your choice.

  • Beyond Hell

    Episode 11

    In this episode, we go to Hell. We’re there to find the story of our ultimate destiny. Is Hell a real place?

  • Beyond Warning

    Episode 12

    Beyond Warning seeks insight into the human response to such choices among the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, Australia and Mount St Helens.

  • Beyond Talk

    Episode 13

    Loyalty and commitment don’t just happen. They result from the positive choices and changes we make in our lives over time.