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Racism 3.0: 14th + U

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A Culture of Lies: 14th + U


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  • Racism 3.0: 14th + U

    The topic of racism has found significant and lasting shelf life in our global culture and the current news cycle. Cliff and Dwain revisit the matter at 14th and U to deconstruct the words race and racism, its origin, and when and if we will ever be free from the grips of this societal ill.

  • Sex Abuse: 14th + U

    We are in the midst of the #Metoo movement. Child sex trafficking is an international crisis, and sexual crimes against children are at an all-time high. How do we stop sexual abuse among our most precious asset: our kids? Cliff and Dwain take on this topic on 14th + U.

  • Climate Changeth?: 14th + U

    The world is seeing more tornadoes, hurricanes, and epic floods with increasing intensity. Many scientists say it is due to climate change. Just as many experts say that melting ice caps, rising sea levels and strange weather patterns are cyclical and nothing to worry about. Dwain and Cliff are j...