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Scandalous: 14th + U

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Guns Right?: 14th + U


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  • Scandalous: 14th + U

    A scandal involving parents who paid for admission preference for their children to attend prestigious universities is referred to as “Cheat-gate.” Inflammatory and derogatory private chat group messages from Puerto Rico’s embattled Governor, Ricardo Rossello, is labeled “Rickygate.” Have scandal...

  • The Price of Free Speech: 14th + U

    The era of social media has encouraged an array of creative and political expression and provides the platform that engages the entire world. But at the very same time, free speech is under attack as censorship increases. 14th and U evaluates the state of this constitutional right with a candid c...

  • A Culture of Lies: 14th + U

    Today, what seems true often turns out to be a lie, and what seems to be hyperbole ends up being true. Have we entered a culture of lies and deception where we don’t know what is truth? Cliff and Dwain endeavor to get answers to these questions over lunch at 14th and U.