13 Episodes

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  • Celebrity Conversion: 14th + U

    Episode 1

    Kanye West. Justin Beiber. Selena Gomez. Carlos Santana. Celebrities are becoming Christians in rapid succession. Is conversion to Christianity the latest fad? How do you know if someone is really a Christian, and is truly converted? Does it matter? And should people be the judge? Attorney Jo Ann...

  • Guns Right?: 14th + U

    Episode 2

    Gun ownership is as American as baseball, apple pie and all-too-frequent mass shootings. But the 2nd Amendment gives every American the right to bear arms. Has our gun culture become a right that has gone wrong? On 14th and U, Dwain and Cliff delve into the topic to argue the pros and cons of thi...

  • Scandalous: 14th + U

    Episode 3

    A scandal involving parents who paid for admission preference for their children to attend prestigious universities is referred to as “Cheat-gate.” Inflammatory and derogatory private chat group messages from Puerto Rico’s embattled Governor, Ricardo Rossello, is labeled “Rickygate.” Have scandal...

  • The Price of Free Speech: 14th + U

    Episode 4

    The era of social media has encouraged an array of creative and political expression and provides the platform that engages the entire world. But at the very same time, free speech is under attack as censorship increases. 14th and U evaluates the state of this constitutional right with a candid c...

  • A Culture of Lies: 14th + U

    Episode 5

    Today, what seems true often turns out to be a lie, and what seems to be hyperbole ends up being true. Have we entered a culture of lies and deception where we don’t know what is truth? Cliff and Dwain endeavor to get answers to these questions over lunch at 14th and U.

  • Racism 3.0: 14th + U

    Episode 6

    The topic of racism has found significant and lasting shelf life in our global culture and the current news cycle. Cliff and Dwain revisit the matter at 14th and U to deconstruct the words race and racism, its origin, and when and if we will ever be free from the grips of this societal ill.

  • Sex Abuse: 14th + U

    Episode 7

    We are in the midst of the #Metoo movement. Child sex trafficking is an international crisis, and sexual crimes against children are at an all-time high. How do we stop sexual abuse among our most precious asset: our kids? Cliff and Dwain take on this topic on 14th + U.

  • Climate Changeth?: 14th + U

    Episode 8

    The world is seeing more tornadoes, hurricanes, and epic floods with increasing intensity. Many scientists say it is due to climate change. Just as many experts say that melting ice caps, rising sea levels and strange weather patterns are cyclical and nothing to worry about. Dwain and Cliff are j...

  • Surveillance | 14th + U

    Episode 9

    On 14th and U, hosts Dwain Esmond and Cliff Goldstein discuss the matters that matter to you. In this episode the topic is the ever-increasing level of surveillance in America, presented as modern-day conveniences. Does privacy still exists? Or are all conversations and actions open to unfamiliar...

  • Racism 4.0: 14th + U

    Episode 10

    As the country experiences more division and tragic events linked to race, Cliff and Dwain revisit the topic for a fourth installment.

  • Profits over People: 14th & U

    Episode 11

    "The love of money," said Jesus, "is the root of all evil." Several news stories recently have revealed that big business has placed their profits over people. Even decisions that may affect climate change may be driven by financial gain and not the general welfare of people and safety. Cliff and...

  • Immigration: 14th + U

    Episode 12

    The question is raised: Aren't all countries nations of immigrants? Cliff and Dwain have a heart-to-heart discussion about the issue of immigration, laws and the need for human compassion.

  • Racism 2.0: 14th + U

    Episode 13

    It seems to be the topic that never dies and the wound that won’t heal. Cliff and Dwain consider what it is that lies deep within human nature that keeps this awful scourge of humanity on life-support.